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Happy Yuletide!

MERRY CHRISTMAS actual Christians and cultural Christians and people who are technically neither but live in a society where they can’t help but be exposed to Christmas.

HAPPY WEDNESDAY everyone else!

JOYFUL YULETIDE to those who participate in it!

It is delightful to be at home in the UK with my genetic family again for Christmas, but as is traditional, today is a rather downplayed day. We visited my grandmother this morning, and my uncle and aunt are coming for a small vaguely-festive dinner, and then I expect there will be Toy Story and maybe Hogfather and perhaps I can persuade the ‘rents that Some Like It Hot is suitable watching. Then tomorrow is the big Family Day,  with niblings and more food than is healthy and all the presents. I’ve already got my present – it’s an adorable black VW Polo and I am surprised by how much I’ve turned out to love driving.

Oh, yeah, I passed my driving test a week ago. So that’s a thing.

AND I ALSO GOT YULETIDE. I got the BEST YULETIDE GIFT. I’ve been walking around with this dopey smile on my face ever since I read it. I mean, I knew when I saw the fandom it was in that I’d like it, but it is PERFECT.

Those Sighs on Which I Feed My Heart by an as-yet anonymous author is a Leonardo fic set post Season-two (and thus contains spoilers) in which Lisa follows her passion for painting and discovers a love she hadn’t set out to find. It includes all four of the main kids, and every single one of them is pitch perfect and wonderful. And I’ve been gushing about it all morning because it has all the things I want from Leonardo fic, including the ship of my heart and wonderful supportive friendships of varying stripes.


And now I get to throw myself into the collection and indulge the only time of the year I seriously read fanfic. Hooray!

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