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Blogging on Demand

Hello, internet! How’s your December winding down?

I know I’ve hardly been with you this month – blame my computer woes, mostly. But I have a hard drive and I’m getting back into things, and [personal profile] skygiants failed to talk me out of doing this thing that the rest of you have been doing in December – only of course I will be doing January, starting Wednesday, if you’re quick enough.

How this works is – pick a date below and give me a topic, from Allosaurs to Zatanna, and I will say something about it, of varying lengths depending on the time I have on hand.

(Spoiler: I have nothing to say about Zatanna)

1st January - hanging out with the family – for [personal profile] strangecharm
2nd  January – how a DS9 roller derby league might go – for [personal profile] herdivineshadow
3rd January – Least favourite comic you are reading at the moment – for [personal profile] herdivineshadow
4th January – How it feels to have the driving test thing done – for [personal profile] herdivineshadow
5th  January  – Your favorite dinosaur – for [personal profile] swankyfunk
6th January – Favourite 5 things about the Natural History Museum – for [personal profile] herdivineshadow
7th  January
8th January
9th January – What global or cosmic hero/es do you like, be it Marvel, DC or other publisher – for [personal profile] bjornwilde
10th January – I want your thoughts on A:TLA/LoK! – for [personal profile] shoroko
11th  January - One thing you miss about NYC, and one thing you don’t – for [personal profile] sdelmonte
12th January
13th January – The Disney acquisition of Marvel, and any ramifications you can think of – for nadriel
14th January
15th January
16th January - thoughts of home whilst you were away? Or how you felt about being away? – for rhythmaning
17th January
18th January
19th January
20th January – it’s your turn to talk about all that DS9 we’ve been watching! – for [personal profile] skygiants
21st  January
22nd January
23rd January - Pick a couple of decades from the 20th century and then cast superhero films with actors from that decade  for [personal profile] magister
24th January
25th January
26th January
27th January
28th January
29th January
30th January
31st January

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