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Blogging on Demand #1

For the 1st January (LJ | DW) [personal profile] Holly asked for “hanging out with the family” which is nice and broad and something I get to do way more of now than I have in the last three years!

I’m living with my parents right now, which results in nightly family-wide TV watching, which I’m a big fan of. It shuts the day down at teatime, and means that evenings are spent in family time, and I like that. I’ve been using it to introduce them both to Castle (and finally watch it myself), and I like to think that’s been a success. Mum and I also go to Pilates together twice a week.

One of the best things about passing my driving test recently as well is the freedom of movement it gives me, particularly now I’m living in the Green Belt, so I can do what I did last night, for New Years, and just hop into my car and drive to the neighbouring village where my sister lives for the evening. The kids stayed up for me, and we watched Ben and Holly’s Magic Kingdom, then read Harry and the  Dinosaurs before bedtime, after which the two of us watched Modern Family  and drank – in my case non alcoholic fizzy wine.

As an aside: non alcoholic, “alcohol-removed” wine is my new drink of choice. I got a White Zinfandel for Christmas, and it was delicious! I’m waiting for the catch.

Anyway, there’s very little I like more as a social activity than sharing a couch and watching the tellybox, so I’ll probably be looking for an opportunity to do that again soon.

On the niblings front: I get to see them both at least once a week right now, as I’m volunteering for their mother at her school on Tuesdays while my parents watch Charlie, and Abby, after school. Yeah, Abby’s at school now. Yeah, it blows my mind, too.

Charlie is really into dinosaurs and trains, right now. Well, he’s really into assembling railways and making a train go round them, and he’s really into grabbing dinosaur toys or wearing dinosaur clothes and screaming RRRRRAAAAAARRRR, and I think that counts. Abby – well, Abby’s well ensconced in the Princess Phase, which is the perfect excuse for me, my sister, and her to do things like watch Frozen for her birthday.

(I have a lot of feelings about that movie, by the way.)

On top of all that, my grandmother is also living very close, now. So I get to see her at her nursing home – much less than I should if I was a perfect granddaughter, but still often.

It’s the absolute best thing about being where I am right now – my whole blood family is within twenty minutes of me at all times, and I love it.

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