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Derby Space Nine

For the 2nd January (LJ | DW) [personal profile] herdivineshadow asked for my thoughts on how a Deep Space Nine roller derby league might go.

(For my thoughts on Deep Space Nine itself, you’ll have to hang on for a couple of weeks)

Terok Nor Roller Derby is a co-ed league (in a world where co-ed leagues are the norm) which recently went through a major upheaval: the previous trustees were kicked out following a league-wide vote of no confidence, which left the League with very few experienced skaters. Appealing to friends and local leagues, a number of transfers from the Paris Fleet Foots came in, in order to prevent TNRD from having to disband completely. The current line up is a but of a mix of abilities and backgrounds, and they haven’t quite ironed out their infighting yet.


Team Captain: Benjamin Sisko #137

Ben takes roller derby very very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that he skates under his real name, because he thinks that roller derby needs to take itself more seriously if it’s ever going to get into the Olympics. Ben is a dedicated team captain, and spends a lot of time working out plays and trying to optimize the lineup. If only the rest of his team would ever put his tactics into effect.



Vice Captain: Killer Nerys #12

Killer is one of the new trustees of TNRD, and was not shy in  expressing her opinion that they didn’t need to ask other leagues for transfers, they could run the league themselves. But she will admit that Ben is a good captain. When she’s on the track, Killer is one of the team’s star jammers: she barrels through walls like a wrecking ball, hitting every blocker as she passes. Her biggest weakness is a tendency towards penalties: it’s not exactly rare for her to foul out of a bout.


Keiko Death #10F


A reliable, underrated player, Keiko also couches Junior Derby.

Quark #1 million

Quark would be an okay skater if he didn’t squeak and shy away every time someone tried to hit him. As it is, because he’s league treasurer and a genius with promotions, Ben sticks him in the pack and hopes that opposing skaters will overlook him until he hits them in the thigh, and that the refs will fail to see his constant rule breaking.


Doctor Bash #2368

Even though he’s fresh meat, Bash is proving a bit of a prodigy. He’s a powerful hitter, has near endless stamina, and can cheerfully jam even when everyone else is flagging in the second half. Like Ben, he’s really into new tactics and moves, but unlike Ben, he’s often over eager to put things into  play without proving them in training. He’d be a valuable member of the team, except that everyone else finds him unbearably annoying. Still, he does manage to get laid at every after party.


Jadzia Smacks #8

Ben’s derby wife, Smacks has been playing derby since the beginning of the revival.  She’s cool, calculating tactical player, with a habit for offensive blocking that puts Killer to shame. She hits like a Klingon, and moves twice as fast.


Elim N8 #N8

No one knows why Elim is there! He was in deep with the former trustees of TNRD, and his derby wife, Ducat Fight, was at the centre of the falling out that got them kicked out. Everyone expected Elim to leave with them, and when he didn’t, his motives were questioned. While he’s a fine skater (and has taken rookie Bash under his wing) Killer doesn’t trust him as far as she can hit him.


Head Ref: Changes Stripes

Everyone is mad that Stripes doesn’t play, because he’s a ridiculously versatile skater and when he jams, no one can touch him; it’s like he finds holes in walls that aren’t even there. His derby wife Killer is one of the most vocal in trying to get him on the track, but he just really really likes reffing. He cares about clean play, you see.


Head NSO: Miles O’Track Tape

Miles doesn’t even really like roller derby. It’s fast, and it’s  dangerous, and people hit you! But he does like stop watches, and he likes skate tools, and when he’s not NSOing he makes a grand line up manager. He manages the league’s rental gear and has mastered the art of laying track. And although no one knows where they come from, he turns up every bout with an army of NSOs, which only he knows all the names of. (Keiko calls them his NSClones.)

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