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I like driving in my car

For the 4th January (LJ | DW[personal profile] herdivineshadow asked how it feels to have the driving test thing done. And the answer is REALLY QUITE NICE, ACTUALLY.

Bit of background: I failed my test three times when I was eighteen. Considering I had unresolved attention and anxiety issues, this should surprise absolutely no one. Then I lived in London for ten years, and New York for three years, and not only did I not really have much use for driving, I also didn’t really want to learn to drive or keep a car while I was there. Also, other priorities. But ALSO, driving is sort of scary.

But my parents don’t live in a big city with excellent public transport. And I don’t currently live in a big city with excellent public transport. And occasionally jobs will come up in museum education that requires the ability to drive between sites, or to transport objects to learners, or to take learners to objects. So it’s nice to be able to tick that box on my job applications.

When I couldn’t drive, I was pretty much completely dependent on the kindness of others: I was only able to attend derby practice twelve miles away because an (at the time) total stranger offered to give me a lift twice a week. I was only able to see my best friend because she drove down to see me. Every single social occasion I wanted to attend had to involve friends picking me up at pre arranged times or me organising public transport. And the thing here is: I am terrible at asking people for things, because it scares me to the point of aversion, and I am also pretty bad at organizing things in advance. So the fact that I could go to Chrissy’s Christmas party in Reading by just jumping in my car and riving to Reading, the fact that I can go to a party tonight by just jumping in my car and riving to Wycombe, that I can leave when I like, that I am not obliged nor placing an obligation on ANYONE…

…that’s bloody amazing.


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