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Dear Invisible Writer

Iiiii signed up for [community profile] invisible_ficathon on [personal profile] skygiants' insistence because the very idea of it filled me with such glee I knew exactly what I was going to request in half an hour.

And YOU, my wonderful assigned writer, have amazing taste, and I know you're going to write something awesome. Just remember, optional details are optional and I would much rather receive something I know you've enjoyed writing more than something that fits my requests perfectly but you have to struggle to fulfil. Follow your imaginary-fandom heart!

I like: characters being competent at their thing; cross-dressing; relationships based on mockery and mutual condescension; lesbians; puns; characters who are braver then they are clever; and cross-dressing lesbians.

I don't like: mind-control, puppets, and anything that compromises body or mind autonomy.

On with the fandoms:

Fly Fishing - J.R. Hartley

Fly Fishing is an old book featured in a Yellow Pages advert from the 1980s/1990s. Nothing is known about this book other than the title, and that is was written a long time ago by a harmless looking nice old man.

Therefore, I would like hot, passionate, unncontrollable femmeslash.

La Triviata

La Triviata is an Opera performed in Terry Pratchett's Maskerade, known for the "Departure" Aria sung by the maid Iodine about how hard it is to leave Peccadillo

This damn' door sticks
This damn' door sticks
It sticks no matter what the hell I do
It is marked "Pull" and indeed I am pulling
Perhaps it should be marked "Push."

Anyway, I really want fic about Iodine and Peccadillo's relationship, maybe set during this scene or at any other point. It can be shippy or not as you prefer, it can have both of them as themselves or as Peccadillo-the-Swineherd and Iodine-dressed-as-Ludi. How does Iodine feel about Peccadillo's love for Quizella? Does Peccadillo ever suspect Ludi is really Iodine?

Miserable Les

Miserable Les is a musical written by Walter Plinge, also in Maskerade. Nothing is known about it but its title.

I would like Fix-It fic where everyone is happy and no one dies! Alternatively (or as well) a modern Ankh-Morpork coffee shop AU.

For this request more than any of the others, I think it would be awesome if it were written as if the writer was a Discworld resident themself.

Rebecca (first cut)

Rebecca (First Cut) is from season 2, episode 5 of That Mitchell and Webb Look - the framing device of it being the first cut of the movie presented in a documentary is missing from this, the only version I could find online.

I saw the final cut of Rebecca only about a year ago, long after I loved this sketch, and I LOVED IT. Also I was completely unspoiled so when the you-know-what happened, I screamed "WHAT?" and everyone laughed at me, it was hilarious.

Anyway, what I'd like for this version is maybe something on the relationship between THIS Rebecca and Mrs Danvers, because it's obviously very different from the final version. Does first-Rebecca bear any resemblance to final-Rebecca or do the versions completely flip the roles played by the Mrs deWinters? How does Maxim's dread of what will happen affect the rest of his life?

OR, anything about the THIRD Mrs deWinter would be amazing. :)

Boxing Day - Jennifer Banberry

Boxing Day is a play starring Joey Tribiani, featured in the Friends season 3 episodes "The One with the Tiny T-Shirt;" "The One with the Dollhouse;" and "The One With the Screamer." (3.19-3.22)

I really really like the relationship between Victor and Adrienne, and how dysfunctional it is despite being glued together by passion and the knowledge that they really do love each other. I'd like more of how the aliens puts pressure on this marriage. Possibly post-canon fic where Victor returns to earth, or even an AU where Adrienne is the one who goes with the aliens?

Kickpuncher (movies)

Kickpuncher is a series of old eighties movies loved by Troy and Abed in Community. His kicks are as strong as punches!

Gender-swapped Kickpuncher, please and thank you!

And I've run out of room for requests, but I was going to request a genderswapped McBain as well. It's just an additional one in case that works better.

Thank you, invisible writer! I know that whatever we were matched on, and whatever you write it will be awesome! Good luck!

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