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Vid: U.S.

Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Music: Us by Regina Spektor
Length: 04:53
Content notes: blood, medical equipment

Spoilers for: Captain America: The Winter Soldier; Agent Carter; Agents of SHIELD (Season one)

Summary: Steve Rogers has a complicated relationship with the legacy of Captain America
Alternative Summary: It is Supersoldiers all the way down.

Download is available at vimeo.

U.S. from innerbrat on Vimeo.

AO3 | Tumblr

It all started when I was filling in the Agents of SHIELD hiatus by attempting an epic rewatch of the whole MCU. During The Incredible Hulk (which I now think is the most underrated movie of the whole canon) I started twitching about how EVERYTHING WAS SUPERSOLDIERS and poor Steve Rogers is in the middle of that, and... everything was downhill from there?

Everything is supersoldiers.

I deserve subtlety points for not including the scene where HYDRA is written across the screen in big letters.

There are apparently no women in HYDRA?

Thanks to [personal profile] skygiants and [personal profile] shati for betaing, and no thanks at all to [personal profile] weaverandom whose idea of constructive criticism is to say "this is nice, give me more."

I tried to figure out a way to include Guardians of the Galaxy but failed. The next time I decide to make a video, make me stick to one source, okay?
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