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Yuletide Letter 2015

Hello dearest author! I'm really pleased that you've chosen to write fic in one of these very excellent fandoms just for meeee! I'm  on the AO3 and also  on Tumblr. 

Okay, so first things first - I really want you to write a fic that YOU want to write. I want you to enjoy writing it. Optional details are completely optional and if none of these suggestions work for you, that's okay! If you get halfway through a carefully constructed piece that answers my prompts directly and includes everything I even hinted at liking... and you find you're not enjoying the writing process, and you'd rather just scrap it and write the idfic in the fandom that you've always wanted to write, I would much rather you do that. I want a fic that was fun to write, and I'm sure to love it if it shows through.

Second, and a generic request for any fandoms/ all fandoms: ROLLER DERBY AU. Go on, you know you want to. I play flat track, but if you don't know the sport I'm not going to nitpick on the technicalities or anything. I just really think there should be roller derby AU in all fandoms. ALL FANDOMS.
(Look, I'm just saying Bench Coach Owen Grady and the Raptor Rollers. JUST SAYING.)

Other generalities:

- I like relationships (romantic or otherwise) based on mutual respect, of shared enjoyment, and of knowing each other particularly well, sometimes better than each person might know themselves. I have a huge weak spot for family (the found variety and the more traditional type) and for the changes friends bring to each other's lives. I also have a bit of a soft spot for unerring loyalty, even through a recognition of the other person's faults. I am fine with gen, I am fine with shipping. I don't mind het, slash or femslash. Sex scenes are fine, but no pwp please?

- I have a huge, massive competence kink. I LOVE seeing characters doing what they are best at and being great at it. Having said that, I love the characters I love for their flaws as much as their strengths - Adrienne's stubbornness, Oliver Queen the grumpy old man, and so on. No one's perfect, and I like it when characters aren't.

- I love world building and I love backstory. I love fleshing out the worlds these characters inhabit, why they are where they are in canon, the wider context. I adore seeing little historical/universe relevant details - what implications has InGen's work had on the wider world? What parts of WWII history do you find interesting?

- I have no particular genre/style preferences, other than the above re: no pwp. Go as tropey and as genre-specific as you like. I love comedy, I love angst - at least one canon here suits itself to a noir pastiche, but that's all up to you.

- Please please no: incest, watersports/scat, xeno. (So if you really want to write Owen/Blue, I'm afraid you're going to have to go the roller derby AU option and make her human.)

Okay, specifics:

- Queen Ashe

What it is: An all-ages comic series about a Princess, locked in a tower by her parents, who teams up with the dragon guarding the tower and flies off to save her sisters.

Backstory, or during-canon tales of adventures.

I love this series so much, and have since the beginning. I love the humour, the concept, the soft jibes towards storytelling tropes in kidlit, and the characters - I love the cast of characters most of all!

I'm dying for more about Queen Ashe: ANYTHING. I know that her backstory is slowly being filled in, but I just want MORE. Adventures with the Black Knight and Prince Ashe? Her friendship with the Pack Leader? Her life as Queen and as mother to each of her eight kids? How does she feel about the towers? How has her relationship with the King changed over the years? What is she up to between her scenes in canon?

DC Bombshells
- Kara Starikov; Kortni Duginovna; Zatanna Zatara; Kate Kane

What it is: A weekly digital comic series (also available in print) based on a series of statues portraying DC superheroines as Pin-Up girls. The comic reimagines the characters as women during the second world war.


So I know about the AND matching and that, but this is pretty much an OR request for Kara & Kortni; Zatanna, OR Kate. I'd really like something that roots any of these characters into the world and the setting; backstory, worldbuilding, or something in combat.

I adore this series not just because it features some of my favourite characters (and is so pretty!) but because it reimagines them all in a setting that I'm growing more and more interested in. I love me some historical fiction, and I love how the characters so far are all disparate and individual, representing different angles of the war. I'd love some backstory or worldbuilding around any of them in their setting.

What was it like for Kara and Kortni growing up in rural Russia? What made them join up with the Night Witches? I love fic that focuses on family and I'd love something about their bond as sisters.Why do they have different names? Something about the staff, maybe? What does Kara know about Krypton?

Zatanna - she's Jewish, right? Or half Jewish, half H. magi. I'm fascinated by her position as a magician for the Joker. What's she got planned? How did she get there? I've read one of her solo runs, but I don't know much about Zatanna in the main DC universe. I'd love to learn more about her.

Kate - Vigilante baseball player! Whos idea was that? How did she get started? what kind of adventures did she have as a Girl Adventurer? What's it like living as a lesbian in 1940s Gotham? I'd love something about Kate/Maggie, but I'd also love something about Kate/Renee in the Spanish Civil War, or any of Kate's adventures.

Injustice: Gods Among Us
- Dinah Lance; Oliver Queen

What it is: A weekly digital comic series (also available in print) which serves as a prequel to the game Injustice: Gods among Us. Superman is evil, all your faves die horribly.

Post canon fic of Dinah and Ollie getting to know each other again - Dinah getting used to the universe, trying to adjust to the similarities and differences. Alternatively, just some happy fluff about the two of them (and Connor).

I love this series - especially Tom Taylor's run on it. It had the perfect balance of funny, sweet, poignant character moments with the drama of the larger plot. Dinah and Ollie were a highlight for me. They're one of my OTPs in every universe - from their happy moments which are all banter and mutual belief and 'my girl is going to beat you up' to their problems and their fights and the mutual attraction that pulls them back together. Their characterisation in Injustice was perfect and made me incredibly happy.

I'd like to see some exploration of what life is like for Dinah and Ollie after the whole 'fuck fate' idea. What's it like for Dinah to suddenly be dropped into a whole new universe? How quickly does Ollie adjust to having her back, and with a baby? I'd like a happy ending, but maybe there are problems along the way? This would be the perfect opportunity for hurt/comfort.

Optionally, on a wider scale - Dinah's been through a LOT in canon - not just the fight with Superman and the loss of Ollie, but the betrayal from her other friends, the nuking of Metropolis, the war. What's it like for her to be in a whole new universe? How does this universe differ from her own? How easy is it for her to trust Clark, Diana, Hal &c after what she's lived through? Does she go back to superheroing? I'm a huge DC fangirl and would be happy to see any characters you wish to include (especially from the Arrow family - Does Roy exist in this universe?)

I really REALLY liked her interactions with Harley Quinn in canon, and while a post-canon fic wouldn't be the *same* Harley Quinn - does Dinah seek her out? Does she try and forge a new friendship? What happens?

Alternatively, and something I'd love just as much: Happy, fluffy fic about Dinah and Ollie raising Connor together. Small adventures, full of love and laughter and Ollie trying to change diapers - that sort of thing.

LEGO Creator: Detective's Office
- Any

What it is
: A LEGO set.
LEGO Store | Pics 


That's it. That's the entire prompt. I wrote about this LEGO set a short while ago, with the full knowledge that I wanted to nominate it for Yuletide and to request an explanation of the whole thing.
- Why are candy swirls and cookies being hidden under the alley between the pool hall and the barbers?
- Why does Ace Brickman have candy swirls in a briefcase in his safe? Does it have anything to do with the money next to it?
- Who is the letter from that Brickman keeps hidden behind the picture?
- Who is the MYSTERIOUS CAP WEARING VILLAIN? And why is there a cap in the trashcan around the back?
- Who is the Greatest LEGO Hero Ever? Is that anything to do with the wanted poster?
- What is the map on Brickman's desk of?
- Is the trophy for pool or darts?
- Why is the police officer having her hair cut?
- What part does the cat play in all this?

... some of these questions are more pressing than others.

Sk8er Boi - Avril Lavigne
- Ballet Girl

What it is: A song by Avril Lavigne. (The request is for the song, not the video)
YouTube | Spotify

Ballet Girl's POV, in which she is a sympathetic character and the Skater Boy is more villainous.

I'd love to see a complete inversion of this song. Something that assumes the unreliable narrator of the song, and paints the Ballet Girl as a much more sympathetic character.

I wouldn't usually request character bashing fic, and you don't want to then please don't be obliged, but if it appeals to you, then you could go all out villain on the Skater Boy, here. Why is there so much hatred burning that he gets together with his current girlfriend to write a song about this girl he used to know? Is there some Nice Guy milarkey going on?

Maybe the song's narrator and ballet girl make up their differences and ditch the boy?

Jurassic World
- Owen Grady

What it is: A 2015 monster movie, and the latest instalment in the Jurassic Park franchise, starring Chris Pratt and a bunch of featherless dinosaurs.

Full disclaimer - Jurassic Park was one of my favourite movies growing up. I also have a background in palaeontology. Neither of these facts actually play into my Jurassic World requests. To be honest, dear writer, I found this movie a bit ridiculous, but such FUUUUN ridiculous. It's probably my second favourite of the whole franchise - because it didn't seem to take itself too seriously.

Precanon backstory of Owen's life in the navy, preferably leading a platoon of killer attack dolphins.

Okay, I spent the entire movie - pretty much the entire movie, definitely every part of the movie in which Owen was on screen, going "What the heck did he do in the Navy?" What job could he possibly have had that made someone in Jurassic World at some point go "hey, you know we've got these raptors that need training up as weapons? Well there's this guy in the Navy..."
It took me about twenty minutes before I came to the conclusion:

So my request is basically "pre-canon fic where Owen is the leader of a platoon of attack dolphins." What are they attacking? Is it laser sharks? WHO KNOWS?


Alternatively, I recently realised that I wouldn't mind seeing a genderbent Owen (and Clare, if you want) so that's a totally separate prompt.

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