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7th-Oct-2013 08:47 am - Dear Yuletide Writer...
thank you
Dear Yuletide Writer,

Congratulations on your excellent taste in fandoms! All six of these are the fandom of my heart, and I'm already super excited to see what you produce in any of these, because I know it will be amazing. If you are interested, by the way, my AO3 account is [archiveofourown.org profile] innerbrat

First rule of writing for me: have fun! Please, above all else, write something YOU want to write. If you get halfway through a carefully constructed piece that answers my prompts directly and includes everything I even hinted at liking... and you find you're not enjoying the writing process, and you'd rather just scrap it and write the fic in the fandom that you've always wanted to write, I would much rather you do that. I want a fic that was fun to write, and I'm sure to love it if it was.

With that in mind, generalities:

- I like relationships (romantic or otherwise) based on mutual respect, of shared enjoyment, and of knowing each other particularly well, sometimes better than each person might know themselves. I have a huge weak spot for found family and for the changes friends bring to each other's lives. I also have a bit of a soft spot for unerring loyalty. Shipping is always optional.
- I have a huge, massive competence kink. I LOVE seeing characters doing what they are best at and being great at it. Having said that, I love the characters I love for their flaws as much as their strengths. The massive chip on Tara's shoulder, for example. Lisa's habit of getting herself in trouble with her temper. And so on.
- I love world building and I love backstory. In fact, all my prompts seem to involve backstory of some form or another. Ooops? Something set pre- or post-canon that fleshes out what lead to events or the consequences. Family! Parents! Offspring if you like!
- I like dinosaurs. I don't know how you can work that into fics with these fandoms, but I always think this is worth throwing out.
- Please please no: incest, or anything approaching dubious consent. This includes power imbalance or abuse of authority, mind control, memory loss... none of this should be an issue with these fandoms! The one possible exception would be Queen & Country, in which case please keep it to 'threat of...' level.

Prompts offered in no particular order. Just as I think of them. Also, if you check the tags in my journal for any of these fandoms, you might find mini posts I made talking about each of the canons and how much I love them. If you are interested in a canon you did not offer but need help finding, I have empowered [personal profile] skygiants (bookelfe) to help find these out.

Ame-Comi Girls - Jade YifeiCollapse )

Birds of Prey - Ev Crawford, Dinah Laurel LanceCollapse )

Claymore - MiriaCollapse )

Leonardo - AnyCollapse )

Princeless - AnyCollapse )

Queen & Country - AnyCollapse )

THANK YOU, AWESOME YULETIDE WRITER. I know you'll do something amazing. And if you hate all these prompts, then write something for yourself! As long as it's in these fandoms and with these characters, I'm sure it will be great!</user></user>
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3rd-Oct-2013 06:27 am - Yuletide Promotions: Claymore



What is it?

A long form manga, currently consisting of 22 volumes available in English, and many more being translated from Japanese. There is also an anime that covered the first 10 or so volumes, but adds an ending not present in the manga.

What is it about?

IN A WORLD plagued by monsters called yoma, that hide among humans and eat their intestines, female warriors called Claymores roam the land, fighting yoma. Half-yoma themselves, they are outcasts from society, and are controlled by a shadowy organization of men who charge villages for the services of the warriors.

Except it’s really about female friendship and making your own decisions and the power of love and loyalty and revenge and complicated worldbuilding and how if you support your friends you can change the world!

Why is it great?

The cast of dozens of female characters with similar life stories are all individual and different in their reaction to their life and the way they live it. The worldbuilding, which starts off looking simple and familiar, is complicated and satisfying, and plays all the warrior-fighting-monster tropes straight, while still giving background to them. And when it comes down to it, it’s a simple story of overthrowing your oppressors, and it’s great for it.

How can I read it?

Official English translations are available in paperback  or in digital format (apparently US only)  - those links are for Volume 1, I’m sure you could find the rest.

Alternatively, there are fan-translations available online at Mangahere.com, although of course I recommend buying if you like them!

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1. Roller skating.
2. Women in comic books.
3. Living in America.
4. Social media.
5. What you miss most from home.

Two of my favorite things. Women. Comics.

Two ways women can be “in comics”: as characters, and as creators.

Two things about female characters: firstly, that the comic medium is frequently flawed in its depiction of women. Secondly, that female characters in comics are nevertheless so often interesting, amazing characters compared to stories in other media, that I fell into reading comics just because of the female characters. So women in comics are particularly important to me, perhaps more so that in other media, which is particularly unfair.

Anyway, I don’t particularly want to talk about the flaws and problems with my particular fandoms today, let’s celebrate some awesome women in comics. I’ve been talking for years about Dinah Lance, Barbara Gordon and Renee Montoya, so I think I’ll focus on characters I discovered more recently.

Read the rest of this entry »Collapse )

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Writer and Artist: Norihiro Yagi
Publisher: Shonen Jump Advanced

What’s it about?
In a pre-industrial world in which monsters called yoma infiltrate human settlements in order to hunt and feed on human viscera, female warriors known as Claymores (after the huge swords they carry) are employed to hunt and kill the yoma. Half yoma themselves, these warriors have the strength and speed needed to fight yoma, and the ability to sense them out when they’re hiding among humans. The warriors’ inhumanity, clear in their lack of pigmentation in hair and skin and their shining silver eyes, makes it hard for humans to trust them, and leaves them outcasts in the society they work to protect.

Read right to left!

If it sounds familiar to you, you probably already know whether or not this series is for you.

Read more on New Readers! Start Here!

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