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heart + stomach
Advancing the sum total of human knowledge and endeavour!
23rd-Jan-2009 03:22 pm - Call For Beer
For those of you who know and miss drakhen, she and I will be heading to Sin City at the Ballroom tonight, hopefully taking a detour by the Winchester Head of Steam Doric Arch beforehand.

We'd both love it if you could attend, but we're going to have a great night whether you are or not.
Midnight today saw me leaving the pub on the way to Sin City at the ballroom for drakhenDrakhen'd birthday, with half a bottle of Saki and a couple of JackNCoke's tucked safely away. I then proceeded to dance maniacally for two and a half hours solid while drinking nothing but plenty of water, with davegodfreyDave and steely_glintSam and lots of other people I like. A very successful and pleasurable night, which included a group of people dressed as Gothamites. And let me tell you, the sight of the Joker and Babs!Batgirl singing Living on a Prayer to each other is not one I'm going to forget easily.

Got home at three, had a very good five aqnd a half hours of sleep and woke up refreshed enough to do the washing up, recognise the signs of needing to boil my mooncup now please (which I did), cooked myself a lovely savoury scrambled egg breakfast, read some Livejournal - although not all of it, because our wireless router is on its last legs and I wasn't able tot get online at all yesterday, so had too much to catch up on - and listen to The News Quiz.

Packing my handbag to meet matgbMat for lunch, I got my wallet, phone, Oyster Card and keys in the bag only to discover my book wouldn't fit, so I switched everything over to my tote bag - at least in theory. I got to the tube station before I discovered that I'd forgotten the book. And on arriving at Victoria, I also discovered something else I should have brought and didn't - my mooncup. And five minutes later, I also discovered a lack of phone.

Mat, meanwhile, was discovering that despite being the oldest and in many ways one of the best subterranean urban train systems in the world, London Underground does not work properly on the weekend, and was trying to phone me to tell me he was going to be a bit - a lot - an hour and a half late to meet me.

So there's me, going through the first few hours of the period, wandering around Victoria without any idea where Mat is or whether he's looking for me, and knowing that forgetting my phone was a stupid mistake for me to have made. And I didn't panic or mope or get caught up in self hatred! Well, I did a little, but mostly I was just "yeah, whatever, Mat'll be here." He was, eventually, through the medium of phone and Twitter, able to catch up with me in time for me to walk him to the coach stop and see him onto his bus.

Which was nice.
1st-Feb-2008 06:06 pm - Year Memes!
sheep, meme
So, this is how it works. You comment, I give you a year, you write about it.

minnesattva gave me 1994.

This was the year I turned thirteenCollapse )

pmoodie gave me 2001.

Seven years later, and I turned twentyCollapse )
Part of the reason I couldn't physically wake up until 10is this morning is, I'm sure, that yesterday was my first day back at CCK, it was an open-to-close shift (that's 12 hours), I have backache right now, and I was exhausted. But I also want to blame the fact that the Greek was watching* a news magazine programme on Eastenders and I just didn't want to wake up into a world where people gave such a damn about Eastenders it made News 24 (at least I hope that wasn't Euronews).

My lower back still hurts - I'm hoping it's the fault of Bing's bed - but I have spent the morning finishing the unpacking and tidying my room so that after lunch I can settle down and get some science done before heading to the Grant Museum to watch Tarzan:the Ape Man.

Now I just have to remember how to do science.But I have motivation back, which is nice.

Tomorrow I may or may not be going dancing to celebrate the fact that it's the first Friday off while in the country for ages, and the fact that I have new boots. I will keep you posted.

*read: "had left the TV on loud with the living room door open while he spent half-a-fricking-hour reading in the loo
12th-Jan-2008 04:59 pm - Aimless ponderings.
heart + stomach
The downside of my current cake-and-chocolate diet was shown up yesterday when about halfway through the intended 'alcohol and caffeine' portion of my day, I crashed, became in my own words 'fucking miserable' and went home. On my own.

Well sort of. Sterghios was on the 91 when I got on it in Holloway, so that was OK.

Done nothing today except fiddled with web design... OK, it feels like I done nothing all day. It also doesn't feel like SIX DAYS until holiday. I'm wondering if this 'cake-and-chocolate' thing may be affecting my mood as much as everything else that's cause the blues. Wouldn't be surprised, really.

So I will have ACTUAL FOOD for dinner. Yup.
11th-Nov-2007 12:01 pm - Oh god so tired.
heart + stomach
Before I went to sleep last night I turned off my alarm. Ten minutes before it was due to go off. I didn't get nearly enoguh sleep and now I'm exhausted.


And there will be Avatar as soon as the flatmates get home from the weekly food shopping. Which they're doing without me. Which, yes, I'm as angry about it today as I always am when they drive out to Sainsburys without me, or so much of a 'do you plan to eat any food this week, IB and would you like us to get some? Guess I'm walking to ASDA to get the staples. I realise the bad mood is mostly PMT here, but meh.

In better news, I not only transferred my Ginger Snaps moodtheme to Photobucket after losing lycanfae.net, but I also completed it, yay!

Today I will be - cleaning and attempting another moodtheme I think. Mostly cleaning.

You know that feeling when houseowrk seems to be all you ever do? Yeah.

Still, the sheer level of exhaustion suggests I do actually have a life, which is nice.

It's possible, possible, that I need new shoes. I say this because my feet are damp. This of course has more than a little to do with having to walk to the tube station through clean but trampled snow and filthy road slush. But my trusty DM shoes are a little worn out now, and retaining the dampness from yesterday as well as picking up new. Lovely.

So I think I need new shoes. Which kind of sucks, because I hate shoe shopping. I hate it. And I sort of hate shoes. I hate most shoes I ever see, I hate wearing in new shoes, I hate new-shoe blisters and I hate shoes that take ages to put on.

I probably need boots, too. I mean, for walking through the snow type thing. But my feet are so big and my ankles so tiny and my calves so muscular that boots inevitably don't fit properly unless they're knee length. They don't provide support around my ankles and I get blisters on my Achilles tendon. Which. Ouch.

Anyway. New shoes. I hate them. They're expensive and they give me an unhealthy dose of self-loathing that I get through a pair of shoes a year and that can't be normal, right? Though an improvement on what it has been, every time I need new shoes, I whinge to myself about the expense and ask myself what is wrong with me that I can't make shoes last longer.

And the Samuel Vimes Boots Theory of Socioeconomic Unfairness doesn't apply here, because I buy expensive shoes.

In related news: DRINKING TONIGHT.
I, uh, might not make it to the pub beforehand, because I'll be corralling scientists to a drink beforehand, then want to go home to get changed. But! I expect to see Nodnollians at Sin City, buying me drinks. Otherwise, unless you turn up at the party tomorrow, you will be dead to me for a whole year. So there.

It's related, because I have no idea how I'm getting from my house to the tube station in fancy shoes. Looks like I'll have to bring sensible shoes for coming home in. Maybe.

23rd-Jan-2007 04:27 pm - An Attention-Deficit Post
heart + stomach
I haven't been blogging much over the last few days not because I have less to say than usual, but because I've been twitchy, easily distracted, and prone to moments of high stress, and even worse demophobia. Even though I've been fairly productive at work, RP and everything I like to be productive at, I haven't really got it in me to sit down and write a long coherent blog post.

I'd call it a manic phase if I was certain BD was what I had, but I'm not certain and don't want to y'know, apply wrong labels to myself.


I did go clubbing with steely_glint and davegodfrey on Friday and was kerb-crawled by a bus on the way home.
Saturday I killed rowanberries's character.
On Sunday I went for a rose flavoured milkshake and a few drinks with nadriel and matgb
Yesterday I got angry at the Piccadilly Line.
Today my fingers are too cold to type
Tonight I am going to my_red_dream's.

Ask me for more info if you want.

Right, have a meme:

Give me one of my own stories (lycanfae), an RP thread, (or OOM,) and a timestamp sometime in the future after the end of the story,or sometime in the past before the story started, and I'll write you at least a hundred words of what happened then, whether it's five minutes before the story started or ten years in the future.
27th-Sep-2006 01:23 am - And this is what I did on Tuesday
Blind Guardian were fecking amazing.

Really really amazing. I'd give more detail, but I don't want to. The crowd was fantastic, the sound quality was top notch, the playing was splendid.

And we got to catch up  with an old friend from the days of High Voltage, who is now doing some really cool theatre work, including -  are you ready for this, Flist? -upcoming work as a Jedi Knight.

One downer to our fantastic evening though, and for this I thoroughly blame drakhen, who was daft enough to believe the innerbrat when the innerbrat said she had her keys. So we had to call a locksmith out.

Obviously, this is actually all my fault, but the Drakh's a wonderfully understanding friend, and didn't get even slightly mad at me. Which is why she's friends with me, after all.

Bed now. Dentist tomorrow. Yay?
6th-Feb-2006 01:48 pm - NODNOLIANS
Right, you 'orrible lot. Saturday I am turning twenty five.

I want someone there when this happens for consolation. So! This Friday from 8ish I will be in the Ice Wharf at Camden Lock (across the river from the Stables Market) From there we shall attampt the hike to the Leccy Beccy for Sin City. Which I refuse to call Scity. Ever.

All welcome, for pub or club. But, and I'm only going to say this once: THERE WILL BE NO DRAMA. None. At all, nada. Zip. It's MY birthday (OK, Bill's too) and I want to have a good time, dammit!

See you all there.
23rd-Jan-2006 02:53 pm - WEEKEND
Man, I really suck at updating with meaningful posts recently. As usual, I blame Milliways. Not because I'm roleplaying much, nothing as productive as that, but because since coppinggoggles fixed the layout so it was S2, I've been going back and tagging all my pups' entrance posts.


 - OK, so I was helped by the fact that my many mnay pups had about 6 entrance posts between them for September and October. Shuttup.

OK, so what did I do this weekend?

Friday, as I'm sure you guessed, I went clubbing with drakhen, steely_glint and a couple of Spam's mates. Thanks to The Greek's insistence in taking photos of us all before we left, we didn't get to the pub until about half ten, so preclub drinking had to happen very quickly. Luckily, the decision to desert the Winchester still holds, and there were no asshole bartenders. It's funny how a complete lack of asshole can really make your night.
And then the club had a DAVE! No, not that Dave (OK, he was there too), but ReneDave! I haven't seen him for aaaages, and he seemed to be doing well. Invited us to the gig on Saturday, but I oculdn't make it because I already had a gaydate.

Saturday's gaydate with Sharon. After sleeping in til 1, I spent the day in PJs as per weekend perorgative, before heading out to meet Shazza and go to Catch 22, which she assured me was our local gay pub. It started off unpromisingly,, what with the co-ed chavs and the sign proclaiming Saturday night to be House Party, but the staff were giant poofters and the chavs soon left, to be replaced by personages in same gender pairs and the occasional fag hag. And the House Party consisted of suspicious quanitities of Steps and S Club 7. So that's all right then.

Eeeeeeeeeeeee Sharon! Hadn't seen her in a long long time. Since getting back from That Continent, hactually. We spent most of the evening discussing love lives, how one goes from MTF back to M (MTFTM?), and alternative feminine hygiene. Also, remember the drama with New Years? Well, it turns out my old BFF has in fact turned into a bit of a nutter in recent years. Shaz's not sure why, but its possible she hasn't gotten over splitting up with her ex at the same time Rob and I split up.

Sunday - I went shopping, found barrysarll onna tube, and resisted spending ANY moeny in Gosh!, Comicana, OR Forbidden Planet (for none of these places had Fables 42). I did, however, spend lots of money in Lush! on bath ballistics and bombs, because you can't have too many of those, even if I only have a long bath on the weekends when I have the hour or two to spare. Then I spent the evening on Skype with agoodshinkickin, as you do.

Goood weekend :)
11th-Jan-2006 09:37 pm - PSA
Just FYI. One month marker.

Amazon wishlist is here.
Lush don't do a wishlist, but if it comes from Lush, and it's purple or black, I wish for it. (also: Angels on Bare Skin)

Icons and Drabbles and Flopsies are love.
Fandoms are: Fray, Discworld, Red Dwarf, Buffy, Milliways, Sluggy, S*P or QoW.

There will be drinking on Friday 10th Feb. Probably even clubbing. There will be milliconning the week after.

We now return you to you regularly scheduled Eljayitude
21st-Nov-2005 09:54 am - Weekend of Fun
Mmmm, weekends shoudl be like this one a lot. It was a good weekend.

Sin CityCollapse )

Parry Hotter and the Movie of Good IntentionsCollapse )

EroticaCollapse )
18th-Nov-2005 01:22 pm - TBIF
heart + stomach
Tonight I will be mostly going to the Head of Steam Doric Arch PUB, dammit! You know the one!

Form which I will be going to Sin City. Unfortunately not the orgasm on celluloid that is the only Rodriguez film I've ever liked, but the rather crap but better than any alternative club. I hope to see many El jay orientated Nodnolliers on this adventure, for drinking and dancing &s.

Last night I found the cat. he wasn't lost for very long, but I don't think he likes the scary outsiode world very much.

&s is my new abbreviation for an English phrase used far more often than the Latin often seen abbreviated as &c. This ends this public service announcment.
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